Inflight sales system

The system consists of

The SkyDepot system is a unique combination of best practices in software development multiplied by a deep understanding of the specifics of the aviation industry using the best hardware solutions.

Hardware and software complex SkyDepot is an automatically scalable solution deployed in the cloud infrastructure of Amazon - the leader in the field of cloud computing systems.


POS terminals are developed by Sunmi, whose specialisation is the production of high-tech solutions for retail business.



Administrative panel with shared access levels


POS terminal with SkyDepot POS app


Online catalogue of goods, with the possibility of preordering

hostess (1).png

The flight attendant's account interface


Warehouse terminal integrated with WMS


Service bus for integration with external systems via Rest API

The following certificates of compliance confirm payment security at the POS terminal level and the cloud server infrastructure

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Inventory management

The devices contain up-to-date information about the nomenclature and quantity of goods loaded for a particular flight. During the flight, POS terminals exchange information on sales with each other using Wi-Fi Direct technology, which allows all flight attendants to see the latest information on the stock and prevent the situation with the overselling of products


No paperwork

all cart receipt, transmission and inspection operations are automated, and there is no need to fill in paper forms



POS terminal includes a sales accounting system + cash register (for an accounting of fiscal data) + bank terminal with the ability to accept non-cash payments


Individual sales accounting

each flight attendant enters the application with its login/password


The highest speed

of operation is provided by quad-core Qualcomm processors, an operating system based on Android 7.1, software developed on the latest programming language "Kotlin" and optimised to work with this hardware. Also, a barcode laser scanner and a high-performance 70mm/second Seiko thermal printer will minimise delays in passenger service


Powerful battery

Continuous running time of the device is 30 hours, and the waiting time is more than 18 days


Minimise errors

no one can buy anything that is not on board, and no one can return any goods that have not been purchased


Intuitive interface

POS-terminal is designed by Android guidelines, which significantly reduces the time required for training of flight attendants

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